Uglyfood was founded in 2017 with a mission to eliminate food waste and revamp the food ecosystem.  Our aim is to make sustainability a part of people’s everyday lives. We operate in the fruits and vegetables space by selling excess or ugly produce, our own branded products, and sustainably sourced goods.


We stand strongly for beauty being more than skin deep. There are primarily two kinds of food waste when it comes to fresh groceries, excess food and ugly food.  Planted food comes in many shapes, sizes and with various blemishes. Approximately 1/5th of our imported food and  is simply thrown away due to various reasons.  

Excess Food

Over Importing
Bringing in too much food into our shore.
Unpredictable demand, lack of consumer data and quick perishable nature of fruits
How do we solve this problem ?

Blemish or Ugly

Mistaken for spoiled
Each individual threshold for ugliness or blemish produce is different. Alot of education is still required to identify edibility.
Perfectly Edible
If you look beyond the blemish, you realise how edible they are.
How do we increase an individual threshold of acceptance ?

how we solve IT!


Our very own grocery store. You may receive perfectly excess food or some blemish ones.

Education Content

Through interesting mediums, such as our comic series, be enlighten further on our mission. 


We conduct hands on educational workshops for schools and corporates. Learn to use all sections of a fruit. 

how we solve IT!

Here at UglyFood, we came up with various creative solutions to help others join our mission in reducing food waste. Solutions include, having our own grocery store to making our own comic series – providing education content on the topic. If you have yet to try our acai bowls, head on down to our store. 

What you can Do!

1. Flexible Eating

Be flexible, select perishing food first or get our mystery grocery bundles.

2. Increase your acceptability threshold

Follow us on social media, @uglyfoodco, and our webtoon for more educational content.

3. Support our food drive

Want to support our cause but can't help directly? Support our food drive on Patreon.

For Corporates!

Encourage your organization to support our initiatives with added benefits like corporate discounts. Contact us to find out more on how we can assist you in your CSR objectives. 

Our Growing impact!


of food saved


and expanding