Bundle of the Month (September) - Teachers Day / To the one you love!

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‘The best teachers are the ones that change their minds.’ –Terry Heick

Teachers extend beyond the teachers in school, they are everywhere, bring this bundle to show your appreciation to people who made you who you are today. 

1. Fruits + Nut Mix + Plantable Notebook ($31.90)
2. Fruits + Nut Mix + Plantable Blue Pen ($29.90) 
3. Fruits + Nut Mix + Plantable Notebook + Blue Pen ($34.90)
Optional: Add-on Gift Cards

Gift Cards
1. $15 Gift Card (additional $12.00)
2. $20 Gift Card (additional $15.00) 

Your monthly bundle will include a mix of 6 different kinds of fruits with either Sustainable Plantable Notebook &/ Pens with optional Gift Cards. Here’s a look at what’ll be inside.

BONUS: 50g worth of Amazin’ Graze Nut Mix 

Month of September - Love for our Teachers
Have the chance to add on meaningful gift such as Plantable Notebooks and Pens at value prices, and option to obtain UglyFood gift card! 

An assortment of fruits including apples, mangoes and more premium selections like stone fruits, berries and melons.