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    Beautiful Juices

    (100% cold-pressed)


    Our juices are made with state-of-the-art cold-press machines.

    As such, our series of <Beautiful Juices> are richer in nutrients and more flavourful than regular juices made using conventional centrifugal juicers.


    Flavours available:

    1. Apple Carrot Orange
    2. Apple Beetroot Carrot Lemon
    3. Starfruit Pear Orange
    4. Pear Carrot Ginger
    5. Spinach Cucumber Apple Lemon
    6. Apple Romaine Lettuce Pineapple




    Our signature dairy-free, fibre-rich and preservative-free banana ice cream is made with all natural bananas. It’s creamy texture and calming banana taste will leave you smiling with GLEE and wanting more!

    Empa-tea Series
    (fruit tea)

    Not available - out of production currently


    Our ‘Empathy Series’ are made by boiling all-natural-fruits over time and brewing the mixture with premium tea and other exquisite ingredients. The resulting beverage is then chilled and served. Each flavour packs a unique punch!


    Flavours available:

    1. Apple Chai Tea 
    2. Pear Chamomile Green Tea 
    3. Blueberry Lavender Earl Grey Tea 
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