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    Beautiful Juices

    (100% cold-pressed)


    Our juices are made with state-of-the-art cold-press machines.

    As such, our series of <Beautiful Juices> are richer in nutrients and more flavourful than regular juices made using conventional centrifugal juicers.


    Flavours available:

    1. Apple Carrot Orange
    2. Apple Beetroot Carrot Lemon
    3. Starfruit Pear Orange
    4. Pear Carrot Ginger
    5. Spinach Cucumber Apple Lemon
    6. Apple Romaine Lettuce Pineapple

    Uplift Sorbet Popsicles



    Our signature dairy-free, fibre-rich and preservative-free ice cream is made with fruits.


    Flavours available:

    1. Double Apple (Red + Green)

    2. Orange

    Empa-tea Series
    (fruit tea)

    Not available - out of production currently


    Our ‘Empathy Series’ are made by boiling all-natural-fruits over time and brewing the mixture with premium tea and other exquisite ingredients. The resulting beverage is then chilled and served. Each flavour packs a unique punch!


    Flavours available:

    1. Apple Chai Tea 
    2. Pear Chamomile Green Tea 
    3. Blueberry Lavender Earl Grey Tea 
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