Packaging Policy

UglyFood is proud to be part of the Zero Waste Packaging Initiative which is a ground-up movement started to encourage businesses to adopt a circular packaging system, provide support and recognise businesses who reduce their waste through those means

What is our packaging?

Parcel packaging

We reuse carton boxes that our fresh produce come in as they are still in good condition. That's why at times you can see the carton has designs or stickers indicating a certain types of fruit or vegetable. At times, the bottom of the carton can be hollow, we will use the cardboard divider found commonly for fruits packing to block the hole so that we can reuse without worrying that the fresh produce will fall through. 

For smaller orders and self collection, we will pack into bags donated by our customers, it ranges from plastic bag, to paper bags, to cloth bags! We understand that some of our customers do have shopping bags that are left unused, hence we encourage them to pass to us (the clean ones!) so that we can pack for those who did not bring their own bags. 

Fruits and vegetable packaging

As much as possible, we will not be repackaging our fruits and vegetables. If they come in a certain plastic packaging, it is because they are prepacked by our suppliers. We understand that usage of plastic is highly discouraged, yet we want to protect these fresh produce as some can be fragile -- we do not wish to be reason for ugly produce! Hence, for fragile loose items such as cherry tomatoes, mangoes, peaches, riper fruits and more, we reuse plastic box or bag to contain them. 

We encourage our buyers to pass us back the plastic boxes and bags they received from us and from other grocery stores. 

Chilled items

For chilled items, we reuse ice packs and cooler bags that are donated to our customers to store our drinks and popsicles. In the situation where the delivery duration is long, we will opt using dry ice for frozen products instead.