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Wabi-SabiImperfection is the basic principle of Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese philosophy of accepting your imperfections and making the most of life.

At UglyFood Team, we fully embrace Wabi-Sabi, a Japanese concept of seeking beauty in imperfection. It started from fruits, where we look beyond the scars, to gourds where we look beyond their dents, to... kinda realising that we need to give these imperfections a chance - to open up, see the insides, taste for ourselves. This process humbles us, to stop making judgements so quickly, to embrace imperfections and make the best out of everything.

It is more than fruits and vegetables picking, looking beyond imperfections is an attitude that is good to be carried forward to our lives, be it other objects, work, relationships and more.

Hop on a journey with us: gain Wabi-Sabi tokens while you shop and support us (following us on social media, referring to friends and sharing our word). Transform the way you see the world and yourself in the Wabi-Sabi way! 


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