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Everything is fresh unless stated otherwise in the product header and description. Our products come from freshly imported goods that were over supplied. We also have blemished products that we rescue which will be clearly labelled on the store.

Foods are generally classified according to class 1 (those that shine and are perfect in appearance), 2(those with slight defects of colour and shape) and 3(those with low shelf life). Depending on the items in stock, you will receive mainly class 1 unless you indicate that you are okay with the other classes.

It’s best consumed within a week, and can be stored for up to two weeks in proper conditions. You should not be receiving moldy or rotten produce.

Step 1: From our website, select the drop down and then select “SHOP”

Step 2: Choose your desired product from our list of products and ADD TO CART

Step 3: Select delivery or pick up and proceed to make payment. You can add items to your order before it is delivered to you by simply making a new order and attaching a note linking it to your first order.  (e.g deliver with order no. 3125)

Orders $40 & below: $6 delivery fee  

Orders above $40-65: $3 delivery fee.

Orders above $65: Free Delivery

Orders will be delivered from 2 pm – 8 pm on Tue – Sat, a single time slot is allocated for each delivery. For next day delivery, orders have to be made before 7AM one day before. Orders made after 7AM will be delivered after 2 days. Items delivered can be left at the door.

If you encounter any moldy/rotten products or are unsatisfied with the condition, please send us an email with photos at by the next day, and we’ll look into it immediately.

Our surprise bundles are made up of  assortments to make the best customized bunch for you.

Shopping a single item in our store costs more than buying it in a bundle. In the bundle, the price of all items is 25% cheaper. A bundle also goes a long way in reducing food waste.

Our packaging is donated to us. We strive to reduce the use of resources and the single use of plastics. We’re testing out a few types of packaging that keeps your grocery fresh and safe in transit. 

Please note, the specific types of packaging can change due to the different donations, but we opt for eco-friendly packaging whenever it’s available.  You may choose to also donate your recyclable items with us. Please drop us a message on Instagram.