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    Food Workshops & Food Demonstration

    Great way to bridge people together over food

    UglyFood is all about reducing food waste while at the same time promoting healthier and sustainability lifestyle. We encourage people to take more wholesome foods and more plant-based meals.


    Our trainers come from various backgrounds and have wealth of knowledge of the food industry. Through the cooking workshop and food demonstration, participants will get to know quick and simple ways to prepare healthy meals. Fresh ingredients used in the workshops are from our suppliers, mostly fresh fruits and vegetables that are either surplus, slightly blemished, overripe, rejected during their sorting process or by their clients, common kitchen leftover ingredients.


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    Sharings & Talks

    Highly Recommended for Corporates and Schools

    Hope to inspire the future generation to kickstart their own initiatives? Or to inculcate good habits to reduce food waste as in individual?


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    Learning Journeys to UglyFood and more

    Highly Recommended for Corporates and Schools

    Join us at our flagship store where it all began. Find out how we run the business and witness first hand how we fight to reduce food waste and other waste whenever possible.


    You might even get a chance to sort through the fresh produce and make something creative out of them!


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    Problem Solving Workshops

    These accurately mimics the distribution industry of food. Participants will form teams and act out different roles such as farmers, wholesalers and supermarkets where they will bargain with each other on the prices with the aim of profit maximizing. The total food waste generated will be tabulated at the end of the session. It gives a very accurate view and understanding on why the industry have certain policies. Hence, enlightening the participants with new found insights.


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    Interactive Activities

    Highly Recommended for schools

    From tasting ugly fruits to making fridge magnets, we got the group covered with fun-filled activities while teaching them more about blemished fresh produce and importance of reducing food waste.


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