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Circulove Bundles [Shipping included!]

Circulove Bundles [Shipping included!]

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Perfect to give your loved ones and colleagues!

1. Choose your preferred bundle (just πŸ‡πŸ“πŸ‹, or πŸ“+πŸ₯•, or πŸ“+πŸ₯•+πŸ„ )
2. Select your budget ($28.00, $38.00, $48.00). No additional delivery fees as they are part of the package!
3. Select how many loved ones you are giving to and check out!
4. Our team will get in touch with you to finalise order details such as
- delivery date
- recipients' addresses and contact details

More details about each bundle under description!


Common FAQ:

Q: Can I include a personal message?

A: Yes, we are able to include a simple card (for free!)Β to let you express your wishes to your loved ones! If you wish to get something more beautiful, such as a floral card, there might be additional costs.Β 

Q: Why are there seasonal items?

A: Due to the nature of our businesses, most of our items vary every week and most of the times, we have exotic and seasonal fruits and vegetables going at good prices! As we cannot guarantee that specific types are available each week, we decided to put them under seasonal!Β 

Q: Can I place orders in advance?

A: Yes! We understand that totally. Different from our usual ordering format, we will coordinate the delivery date of Circulove personally with you upon order payment.Β 

Q: Can I make special requests?

A: You can only make special requests if the recipient do not like or is allergic to the item assigned. We are unable to entertain requests for specific items to be included.Β 

Q: Will I know the seasonal items that are included?

A: As the seasonal items vary every week, we will inform you on the week of the delivery.Β 

Q: Can the usual fruit bundle be included under $28? Since it costs $20 and shipping is $8.

A: Yes! You can include under notes that you wish to get "UF store's Fruit Bundle"

Q: What about the other bundles?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to incorporate that into Circulove because of varying reasons. Rest assured that our Circulove existing bundles will still give love and smiles to your recipients!Β 

For corporates:Β 

Q: I would like to get these as part of my company welfare, could I get an official invoice?Β 

A: Yes, we are able to issue an official invoice.

Q: My company does credit payment, how can I order instead?Β 

A: Please choose the bundles and email us directly at Tip: you can just screenshot your order to save on the typing!Β 

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