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Bundle C (16 items - adventurous)

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For more adventurous families, presenting to you baby bitter gourd! You can also have a hand in making raw pasta out of our zucchini! Includes one set of mystery fruits, changes weekly!

200g Xiao Bai Cai
500g Carrots
200g Honey Cherry Tomato
2 pc Japanese Cucumber
200g French Beans
125g Baby Spinach
1 pc Hairy Gourd
450g Eggplant
200g Kang Kong
200g Dou Miao
800g Zucchini
400g Baby Bitter Gourd
3 pc Traffic Light Bell Peppers
4 pc Ya Pear
500g Seedless Grapes (Red/Green/Black)
1 set of mystery surprise fruits

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