[Fruits box (Best as gifts!)] Bundle of the Month (December) - It's a giving season!

[Fruits box (Best as gifts!)] Bundle of the Month (December) - It's a giving season!

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Month of December - It's a giving season! 

THIS WEEK'S SPECIAL TREAT IN THE BOX: A pint of acai with mixed of cashew nuts, brazil nuts, almonds and chia seeds 

[In collaboration with Mummy Yummy] - Fundraising

Mummy Yummy has been distributing free meals to the needy since 2013. 

 For each of "It's a giving season!" bundle purchased, 5% of the sales will go to

Mummy Yummy and a cut fruits bowl will be given to their beneficiaries. 

Wondering why it is cut fruits?

Isn't the shelf life lower? Mummy Yummy has identified that a lot of the needy are from the older generation and it can be difficult for them to prepare the fruits themselves. Hence, it will be more manageable for them if we provide cut fruits and they can have them after the meals provided by Mummy Yummy. 

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Your Fruits box (Best as gifts!) include a mix of 4-6 different kinds of fruits, subject to seasonality) and a healthy treat! Here’s a look at what might be inside.

Sweet fruits like mangoes, grapes, apples and peaches. Citrus and loaded with Vitamin C such as pineapples, oranges, kiwis. Delicate fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and exotic ones like yellow dragonfruit, candy gold melon and more!


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