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Feeding the 5000 SIngapore

@ City Square Mall, Organised by Gone Adventurin

"Feeding the 5000 Singapore" was a huge success!

We are happy that the word about unnecessary food wastage was made loud and clear through this event, and that the food tasted equally good and nutritious!

At the UglyFood booth, the public picked two fruits and vegs regardless of their appearance, and we cold-pressed them into juices! We also shared our mission and elaborate how cold-pressed juices fares better than conventional ones.

"This is the sweetest juice I've ever tasted!" - a lady whose apples were slightly wrinkled. Wrinkled fruits are a sign of overripeness. Overripe fruits are generally at the peak of sweetness level and look perfectly good on the inside! That explains why her juice was really really sweet!

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