Today, Uglyfood collaborated with 3 other social enterprises(SEs) for a beach clean up at East Coast Park with friends from MINDS Tampines Training & Development Centre.

The idea came about when Seastainable and Society Staples thought of ways to marry two social causes for greater impact. Just as materialising inclusion is everyone's responsibility, who's to say PWDs cannot care and do their part for the environment as well? They then roped in Green Nudge for their expertise in organising beach clean ups and the provision of equipment (gloves, tongs, trash bags)!

The 3 SEs are ....

Seastainable is a social enterprise that supports marine conservation in Singapore and the Philippines. They do this by encouraging individuals to reduce their plastic consumption through the use of their seastainable straws and other products, while channeling their profits to environmental organisations in need. They pledge to give 50% of their profits to different marine conservation groups.

Green Nudge is an environmental-focused social enterprise that works closely with companies and event organisers to reduce their environmental footprint at events and functions by providing a holistic green events planning solution.

Society Staples wants to create an inclusive future where every PWD can maximize his/her potential and be embraced as an integral member of their society.

The team leveraged on their deep experience in working with PWDs to allow for meaningful and safe interactions between the volunteers and the friends from MINDS.


Despite the heavy downpour in the morning, we did not let that dampen our spirits!

The agile team at Society Staples came up with a contingency plan to conduct sports activities at their centre. Thankfully, the rain stopped and we headed to the beach.

The volunteers were grouped with our friends from MINDS to pick up litter along the beach. This created a golden opportunity for the volunteers to foster a better understanding of PwIDs and for the PwIDs to exercise their fine motor skills and practice their social skills.

Overall, the beach cleanup was a great experience working and interacting with PwDs whilst advocating for environmental awareness and sustainability.

Uglyfood got involved to sponsor the ice cream as a treat for volunteers and our new friends to enjoy at the end of the cleanup! Do contact us should you be interested to sponsor our products for various community groups!

THOUSAND THANK YOUs to Green Nudge, Seastainable and Society Staples! We thoroughly enjoyed doing good together! :))

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