UGLYFOOD Recipes: dehydrated vegetable powder

“My son hates vegetables!” “My daughter never eats any of the fruits and veggies I cook for her!” Sounds familiar?  If your children refuse to eat any of their greens, how about using dehydrated vegetable powder as a supplement to boost the vitamin and mineral content of their food? You can sprinkle the powder on […]

UGLYFOOD Recipes: Fruit Jams

Jams are the most versatile food that we love. From bread spread to sauces to toppings for desserts, it’s the best way to lighten up our day, whether we eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Make the perfect, homemade and healthy jam together with your children, family and friends this Christmas and beyond! So, we’re […]

UGLYFOOD Recipes: Fruit Roll Ups

You can now make this beloved childhood snack with your kids, and have lots of fun and bonding time with your children! Working from home has never been more exciting and healthier! UglyFood has come up with its very own homemade version of fruit roll ups. It’s so simple, and it requires only 4 ingredients! Strawberries, […]

UGLYFOOD Recipes: Dried Fruits

Besides freezing fruits and making acai bowls and fruit smoothies, another way to prevent your beloved but excess fruits from going into the trash bin is to make them into dried fruits. Gone are the days when you have to brave Singapore’s sweltering heat or heavy thunderstorms just to make a trip to and from […]

Tips for storing fresh produce

Ever wondered how to make fresh produce that you have bought in huge batches last longer? UglyFood will be sharing some food storage tips that will be able to retain the freshness of the produce you have bought for as long as possible. Generally for fresh produce, most of them should be kept in their […]

Givvable – bringing sustainable, circular and social enterprises into the Boardroom

givvable helps businesses achieve their sustainability objectives by connecting them directly with sustainable, circular and social suppliers. In September 2015, United Nations Member States adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (the UN SDGs). These Goals are a call to action by all countries – regardless of size or income – to promote economic prosperity while protecting those most […]

How are apples grown?

In this week’s post, we will be sharing some facts about how apples are grown. Of course, the answer that most people would have guessed is that apples are grown from seeds! However, most apples are in fact grown from grafted apple trees to maintain the desired characteristics. Grafting can be explained by cutting the bud […]

UglyFood Recipes: Food Warriors Edition!

For this week’s edition of UglyFood Recipes, we will be featuring the receipes of our two food warriors- Michelle and Bee Bee! MUSHROOM SAUCE BY MICHELLE Our food warrior Michelle purchases white button mushrooms from UglyFood and uses it to make her own mushroom sauce for pasta! Here is her homemade recipe for mushroom sauce […]

What could be the future for food waste management in Singapore?

This week will be featuring another knowledge sharing post to raise awareness of the food waste issue in Singapore. In our earlier posts, we have talked about the positive impact of embracing UglyFood to combat the problem of food waste in Singapore. We will now be looking at the bigger picture – How is food […]